Our Mission

The BOND-SLAVES M.C. is a men’s Motorcycle Club that is Christian. Our Mission and purpose is four fold, 

  1. To develop strong relationships within ourselves with Christ, Involving our families and fellow club brothers in obtaining and developing an inner strength that is reflective of a Christ like life. 
  2. To reach out into the world of motorcyclists, our work place, and communities at large with the Good News of Christ Jesus. 
  3. To serve in partnership with local persons of Faith, establishments, Churches, meetings, and rallies, that presents the Good News of Jesus Christ. 
  4. To disciple others and be disciples ourselves in adherence to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

It is our belief that we as an organization have an obligation to represent Christ. Having found that we were previously a part of a part of society that has been overlooked with the Gospel. Our unique life style enhances our abilities as regenerated men to reach into this portion of society with the Gospel that is otherwise closed to many. We endeavor always to bring the Light of the Gospel into the darkness wherever we are.

(Matthew 28:19-20)